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    "You come to Nature with your theories,
    and she knocks them all flat."

    - Pierre Auguste-Renoir -


She has slogged through leech-infested swamps in Asia, chased down illegal fishermen in the Caribbean, and with the help of a Master Navigator, mapped her way by the stars across the South Pacific. But Gianna Savoie has more than an insatiable appetite for adventure, she’s got a passion for the environment that drives her to sink her teeth into some of the most critical conservation stories on the planet.

An award-winning documentary producer and writer with over a decade of experience in Natural History filmmaking, Gianna’s work has been featured worldwide on PBS, Discovery, Animal Planet, National Geographic, and the BBC among others.

Trained as an Environmental Biologist, she pairs her love of science with the art of filmmaking to craft the stories that not only inform, but deeply resonate. Her pursuit of powerful environmental storytelling has led her high over Himalayan peaks, across our mighty oceans, and deep through the Amazon basin to explore the direct connections between humans and the natural world.


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